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BJL Construction Company, Inc. has the following certifications:
1. U.S. / N.C. DOT Certified DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprises)
2. HUB Certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise)
3. HUD Section 3 Certified Business Enterprise

BJL Construction is unique because it is solely Owned and Managed by minority staff members, and was developed from a small, minority General Contracting Company in Bladen County to boast the establishment of Minority Consulting and Project Management Services in Bladen, Cumberland and Wake Counties.

BJL is proud that it was able to assist the City of Fayetteville by establishing parameters and writing the pre-qualification policy for the pre-qualification of General Contractors for the City of Fayetteville when the “hard bid” delivery method for bidding Capital projects is used. To date, the City of Fayetteville continues to utilize these pre-qualification policies and procedures. And our President and Vice President are personally involved with each Project.

Licensed General Contractors:
• BJL Construction Company, Inc. is a licensed building General Contractor.
• Bonded General Contractor within the State of North Carolina
• General Contracting License Number 22227.
• Limited General Contractor’s license that complies with the State of North Carolina General Contracting licensing board.

Minority Business Consultant and Client Liaison:
BJL Construction Company, Inc. is certified through the Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) Program as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), through the U.S. DOT as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and through the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a Section 3 Business Enterprise for HUD programs such as HOPE VI and Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD).

Under these Certifications, BJL has established a comprehensive list of Minority Contractors throughout the State of North Carolina. BJL’s Minority Contractors data-base in addition to a successful history of working with fellow Minority Prime Contractors and Sub-contractors, provide our repeated and new clients the reassurance that MBE, MWBE, DBE or Section 3 goals will be met or exceeded.

The Staff at BJL work with State and Government Agencies, Design Firms, General Contractors, Construction Manager at Risk Firms, and/or local municipalities on collaborative efforts and community outreach that attract certified MBE, DBE, MWBE and Section 3 companies.

BJL offers the following Minority and Section 3 Consulting services that assist our Clients in successfully meeting or exceeding NC General Statue 143-128.2, Federal Regulation 49 CFR Part 26, and Federal Regulation 24 CFR Part 135:
1. Project Overview Information Sessions
2. HUB Certification Training and Information Workshops
3. HUB Certification 4-week Contractor’s College
4. Minority Contractor Meet & Greet Networking Sessions with General Contractors
5. Pre-bid Project Overview and Plan Review Sessions.

U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Consultant and Client Liaison:
BJL Construction Company, Inc. is certified through the U.S. Housing and Urban Development as a Section 3 Business, wherein BJL has committed that 75% of BJL Construction’s labor hours are performed by certified Section 3 workers.

The Staff at BJL prepares monthly, quarterly, and annual HUD reports which document Section 3 participation goals and accounts for dollars spent by General Contractors and Sub-contractors toward HUD Section 3 goals. We prepare HUD Form 60002 annually on behalf of Housing Authority municipalities for HUD programs such as HOPE VI and the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD).

The Staff at BJL work with local Developers and local Housing Authority municipalities to successfully meet or exceed Section 3 goals established by HUD by offering the following Section 3 Resources to both Section 3 participants and Section 3 businesses:
1. Section 3 Participants – Understanding Construction Documents Training Sessions
2. Section 3 Participants – Resume Writing Training Sessions
3. Section 3 Participants – Interviewing Strategies Training Sessions
4. Workshops for Businesses Interested in obtaining certification as a Section 3 business.
5. Workshops for Section 3 Residents Employment Opportunities

Construction Management Consultant Services:
BJL Construction assists our Clients in the oversight and successful delivery of Capital Construction Projects.

In 2016, BJL Construction worked closely with the City of Fayetteville, NC and was contracted by the City of Fayetteville, NC to write the City’s first and only pre-qualification policy and documentation for the pre-qualification of General Contractors. BJL Construction also planned, implemented and managed the City of Fayetteville’s first capital construction project that utilized the pre-qualification policies and documentation established by BJL Construction, Company, Inc.

BJL’s Construction Management services are all inclusive with assisting our Clients with:
• Design Team selection
• The Management of General Contractor pre-qualification process
• The Management of the “hard-bidding” bid process
• The Selection of Construction Manager at Risk contracts.
• The Management of Construction Manager at Risk pre-construction services phase.
• The Management of Construction Manager at Risk construction phase.

BJL Construction successfully offers the following Construction Management Services:
1. Review and provide budget numbers for feasibility studies.
2. Fiscal year budget analysis and budget projections.
3. Management of Architectural and Engineering Design Services contracts.
4. Management of Design process.
5. Management of Single Prime “hard bid” and CM at Risk construction contracts.
6. Administering, maintaining and implementation of construction schedules.
7. Tracking and adherence to the Construction budget and contingency funds
8. Management Construction Prequalification guidelines.
9. Oversee Design of Capital Construction projects and follow through to bid/negotiations, Construction Administration and close-out.
10. Evaluate Prequalification applications for compliance and approval to move forward to bid.

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